French red wine values tasted in 2013

The selected French bottlings have given me much pleasure for the price. I have purchased them again for personal consumption. Featured values include 3 Languedoc reds.

This page skips the tasting notes of the wines that are not imported into the USA. The complete page of French wine values can be found here. You’ll learn the availability of wines if you enter a location name in the search box at the top of the page.

The below wines were tasted in France, in 2013 (between April and December).

vin-de-table wine labelred Vin de table - Jean-Marie Rimbert - Cousin Oscar

nv - USD 8.9 - strawberry - light, easy drinking, firm

pays wine labelred Pays - Marc Ollivier et Rémi Branger - EARL La Pépière - La Pépie - Côt

2012 - USD 9.2 - served cool: a better replacement to rosé - ripe cherry - dense, cherry, no manipulation or off aromas, no stiffness

red Côtes du rhône - SCA les Vignerons d'Estézargues - Cuvée des galets - Non filtré

2012 - USD 9.2 - serve at a cool temperature - red fruit - red fruit, shows the biggest body from this cooperative, dense, dries the palate

Saint-chinian wine labelred Saint chinian - Jean-Marie Rimbert - Les Travers de Marceau

2011 - USD 12 - its usual self, red fruit - balanced

vin-de-France wine labelred Vin de France - Jean-Marie Rimbert - Le Chant de Marjolaine - Carignan

2011 - USD 13 - red fruit dominates the palate, easy drinking, firm

red Côtes du rhône - Éric Texier

2010 - USD 13 - This pleases everybody, a Cotes du Rhone typical but without flaw - blackcurrent or blackberry - slightly punchy (as it should be) balanced

red Vin de pays de l'Ardèche - Mas de la Bégude - Gilles Azzoni - Le Raisin et l'ange - Hommage à Robert

2012 - USD 13 -

red Vin de table de France - Thierry Alexandre - Cul sec - (syrah)

2011 - USD 14 -

red Régnié - Julien Sunier

2012 - USD 17 -

red Côtes du Rhône Brézème - Éric Texier

2011 - USD 18 - blackberry - blackberry, plum, violet, dense, not drying, juicy, balanced


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