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Vibrant red wines tasted in 2019

The selected vibrant bottlings have given me much pleasure for the price. I have purchased them again for personal consumption. This page skips the tasting notes of the wines that are not imported into the USA. The complete page of French wine values can be found here.

The below wines were tasted in France, in 2019 (between April and December). The tasting notes are listed by increasing prices, with the following format:

Appellation - producer - plot or brand - variety
Vintage - approximate price - general impression - on nose - on palate - after swallowing

Vin-de-pays-du-Jardin-de-la-France wine labelred Vin de pays du Jardin de la France - Marc Ollivier, Rémi Branger, Gwénaëlle Croix - EARL La Pépière - La Pépie - Cabernet franc

2018 - USD 14 - a very good imitation of a Mediterranean wine, but less alcohol - red fruit - velvety, fat and sweet, red fruit, balanced acidity

red Côtes du rhône - SCA les Vignerons d'Estézargues - Cuvée des galets - Non filtré

2018 - USD 15 - serve at a cool temperature - blackcurrant jam, cherry and smoke - blackberry, liquorice, pepper, nutmeg, dense but easy drinking, very juicy

red Madiran - Denis Capmartin - Château Barréjat - Tradition

2016 - USD 15 - red fruit, spice - fruit-forward, accessible, dries the mouth, full but with balanced acidity

red Vin de France [Ardèche] - Géraldine et Méryl Croizier - La Vrille et le papillon - Chapeau melon - (merlot de cuve)

2018 - USD 15 - intense - yellow pepper, plum - yellow pepper, plum, dense, dries the mouth, easy, round

red Barbera d’Alba - Monchiero - Dorero

2015 - USD 16 - intense, cassis, sous-bois, sometimes volatile acidity - brick, sometimes volatile acidity, fresh, prune

vin de France wine labelred Vin de France - Jean-Marie Rimbert - Domaine Rimbert - Bu End

2018 - USD 16 - an easy natural wine, very aromatic - blackcurrant, white pepper - blackcurrant, more aromatic intensity and less body than other bottlings from the same domain, tiny gas beads, balanced acidity

red Beaujolais villages nouveau - Guy Breton - Cuvée Fanchon - (gamay)

2019 - USD 18 - red fruit - red fruit, serious, structured, neither sparkle nor volatile acidity, firm

red Vin de France [Ardèche] - Géraldine et Méryl Croizier - La Vrille et le papillon - Impair… ! - (cabernet sauvignon, élevage 50% en barrique)

15-17 - USD 19 - served cool: a great aromatic intensity, a high purity - ripe varietal (so no pepper), blackcurrant pie, moka - pie crust, blackcurrant, present on the palate with a beautiful maturity of cabernet sauvignon (so no pepper), moka, full, bitter, dries the mouth, round

red Vin de France [Ardèche] - Antonin Azzoni - Le Raisin et l'ange - Hommage à Robert

2018 - USD 19 - blackcurrant, sometimes volatile acidity, mocha, incisive - a big intensity, blackcurrant, mocha, sometimes volatile acidity, dense, incisive, balanced acidity

red Vin de France [Cheverny, Loire] - Hervé Villemade - Bovin Rouge (1 litre) - (gamay)

2018 - USD 19 - raspberry, foxy - raspberry, foxy, deep, juicy, firm

red Vin de France [Languedoc] - Mireille et Patrick Meyer - Domaine Julien Meyer - Miso Paradis - (syrah, mourvèdre) (vinifié par Axel Prüfer du Temps des Cerises et élevé chez Patrick et Mireille Meyer, les raisins provenant d'Aspiran, chez Julien Peyras et David Caer (Clos Mathélisse)

2016 - USD 20 - very intense but without volatile acidity - blackberry - onctuous, blackberry, balanced

red Vin de table [Roussillon] - Alban Michel - Les Sabots d'Hélène - Pif not dead! - (caladoc, carignan)

2018 - USD 20 -


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