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Rosé wine values tasted in 2012

The selected vibrant bottlings have given me much pleasure for the price. I have purchased them again for personal consumption. This page skips the tasting notes of the wines that are not imported into the USA. The complete page of French wine values can be found here.

The below wines were tasted in France, in 2012 (between April and December). The tasting notes are listed by increasing prices, with the following format:

Appellation - producer - plot or brand - variety
Vintage - approximate price - general impression - on nose - on palate - after swallowing

blush Vin de France - Sylvain Saux - Pechigo - (rosé)

NV - USD 14 -

blush Vin de France - Marc Houtin et Julien Bresteau - La Grange aux Belles - Pink fluid

2010 - USD 14 -

Côtes-de-provence wine labelblush Côtes de provence - François Séminel - Domaine de Jale - Les Fenouils

2011 - USD 15 -


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